FV 4000

Hourly output up to 4000 kg
The steam stretcher mod. FV 4000 is a machine designed for the production of pasta filata cheeses using, as row materials, industrial curds, fresh curds and food ingredients.

The row material to be transformed is directly introduced into a processing chamber (capacity ab. 1.000 lt) and it is subject to the combined action of two counter-rotating augers and ten steam injectors. During this processing phase, dough starts to change its structure, passing from a coarse and discontinuous consistence to a fibrous and continuous one, typical of the pasta filata. Once the pasta has reached the desired features, it will be automatically discharged by the pushing of the augers. The machine is equipped with a double bottom with air double jacket, able to insulate the processing chamber, thus keeping pasta temperature always constant. The types of cheese that can be obtained are: mozzarella, pizza cheese, scamorza cheese, imitation and analog cheeses.

Construction features

The steam stretcher mod. FV 4000 is composed by:

  • The machine is completely built in AISI 304 stainless steel and plastics certified for the food use.
  • Processing chamber and augers coated with non-sticking material.
  • Air-filled double jacket around the augers section to allow the thermal insulation from the external environment.
  • No. 14 steam injectors
  • Motorization equipped with spacer to allow the cleaning between the motor and the stretching chamber.
  • Connections with bending radius built in such a way to avoid any stagnation point.
  • Possibility to inverse the augers rotation. Every one is equipped with an independent motorization and is able to turn, according to needs, either towards the same direction or towards the opposite direction than the other one.
  • Adjustable augers rotation speed by inverter with two motorizations, every one of 22 kw.
  • Watertight electrical control panel with IP 65 protection degree, built in AISI 304 stainless steel, complete with electronic devices for the processing speed adjusting and the operator’s safety control.
  • Watertight speed variator motorization, complete with case that allows, in case of oil leakage, the discharge to the ground thus avoiding any cheese pollution.
  • Possibility to completely inspect the machine
  • Thermal probe for the dough temperature detecting.
  • Set of safety sensors against accidents to start the machine stop up in case of guards opening
  • Lid with seal
  • Product automatic discharge
  • Injectors closing automatic device, in case of steam absence.
  • Steam filter for the suspending particles.


The advantages that can be obtained by means of the melting machine mod. FV 4000 can be resumed as follows:

  • Possibility to obtain cheeses with the desired fibrous and elastic features.
  • Final cheese moisture standardization, thanks to the presence of 14 steam injectors into the processing chamber.
  • The steam use avoids the unnecessary need of the stretching water preparation, with a consequent sure energy saving.
  • The combined action of the augers and the steam avoids the need of the curd-cutter, as they succeed in shredding the curd.
  • Possibility to pasteurize the processed row material increasing the cheese shelf life.
  • Increase of the production yield than the traditional stretching process.


Automatic C.I.P. washing plant connection arrangements

Technical data

Steam stretcher mod. FV 4000

  • Max. Length (mm) 5000 MAX
  • Max. Height (mm) 2600 MIN
  • Max. Width (mm) 1350 MAX
  • Feeding height (mm) 2450 MIN
  • Discharging height (mm) 1255MIN
  • Weight (empty machine) (Kg) 3500
  • Hourly production (Kg/h) 4000
  • Production per mixing (kg) 2000
  • Water inlet DN65 – Max Pressure 4 bar
  • Steam inlet (“) DN65 – Max Pressure 4 bar
  • Compressed air inlet (mm) Æ 8 mm – Max Pressure max 8 bar
  • Line tension (V) 400V
  • Auxiliary circuits tension (V) 24V DC
  • Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
  • Installed electrical power (kW) 45 Kw
  • Absorbed current (A) 112 A

FV 4000