FT 30 DT

Hourly output up to 2500 kg
The FT 30 DT stretching machine is a machine technically designed for the production of mozzarella with a high moisture content. This machine is equipped with 800 mm wide diving arms, suitable for a more delicate processing of the curd fibre, optimal for the production of:

Curd introduced into the processing chamber is conveyed by the augers towards the mixing section and transport speed is adjustable according to the desired type of cheese.
To assure the thermal insulation from the external environment, the augers section is equipped with an air double jacket which keeps the stretching water temperature constant, thus avoiding consequent yield losses. After the sponge-down phase, pasta enters the first mixing section equipped with two diving arms. After a suitable working stop in this first section, dough is conveyed towards the second mixing chamber, where other two diving arms assign the cheese a perfect stretching and the desired moisture degree.

Construction features

  • The machine is completely built in AISI 304 stainless steel and plastics certified for the food use.
  • Parts in contact with the cheese are coated with non-sticking material.
  • Mixing chamber equipped with diving arms at variable speed to assign to the dough the desired consistency. Diving arms chamber discharging net to allow an easy evacuation of the stretching water and the discharge is adjusted by a stainless steel valve.
  • Air-filled double jacket around the augers section to allow the thermal insulation from the external environment.
  • Dismountable stretching water filter.
  • Dough feeding augers built to be easily dismounted without using any tool.
  • Adjustable dough transport speed according to the desired product.
  • Motorization equipped with spacer to avoid any pollution possibility.
  • Stretching water preparation tank, heated by direct steam injection, managed by an electrovalve controlled by an electronic thermoregulator equipped on the control panel.
  • Filter able to accumulate all machine discharges, easy to be inspected and sanitized.
  • Stretching water level probe.
  • Connections with bending radius built in such a way to avoid any stagnation point.
  • Electropump for the stretching water circulation.
  • Electropump for the stretching water evacuation.
  • Stretching water thermoregulation.
  • PT100 probe for detecting the stretching water temperature.
  • Motorizations protected by AISI 304 stainless steel cases.
  • Watertight electrical control panel with IP 65 protection degree, built in AISI 304 stainless steel, complete with electronic devices for the processing speed adjusting and the operator’s safety control.
  • Motorizations with watertight oil-bath speed variator, complete with case that allows, in case of oil leakage, the discharge to the ground thus avoiding any cheese pollution.
  • Dismantling easiness of the movable parts without using any tool and complete inspection possibility.
  • Set of safety sensors against accidents to start the machine stop up in case of guards opening


The advantages that can be obtained by using the stretcher mod. FT 30 DT can be resumed as follows:

  • High yield coming from the water lower quantity and temperature used during stretching.
  • Uniformity of the stretching water temperature, assured by the thermoregulator equipped on the control panel and by the double jacket that insulates the processing area.
  • Possibility to stretch with three different methods:
  1. Stretching water closed circuit
  2. Stretching water circulation with partial replacement
  3. Stretching water circulation with total replacement
  • Use and control easiness that allows the machine to be used also by unskilled personnel.

Automatic C.I.P. washing plant connection arrangements

Technical data

  • Continuous stretcher mod. FT 30 DT
    • Length (mm) 4250
    • Height (mm) 2860
    • Width (mm) 1250
    • Discharging height (mm) 1300
    • Augers length (mm) 2280
    • Augers diameter (mm) 250
    • Weight (empty machine) (Kg) 1865
    • Hourly production (Kg/h) from 500 to 2500
    • Line tension (V) 400V
    • Auxiliary circuits tension (V) 24V DC
    • Frequency (Hz) 50 – 60 Hz
    • Installed electrical power (kW) 12 Kw
    • Absorbed current (A) 30 A

FT 30 DT