Strong points report

  • Construction, since the beginning, according to what required by the 3-A Sanitary Standards, also for the Italian market.
  • Absence of cheese stagnation points, complete sanification of all machine parts.
  • Machines structure single-block construction without flanges, screws and bolts.
  • If the teflon lining is required, use of the Italian supplier able to certify it.
  • Separated motorizations from the machine structure so that to avoid, in case of oil leakages, their falling into the cheese but directly on the ground.
  • Pipes built with workmanlike weldings, as requested by the 3-A Sanitary Standards and with clamp connections.
  • Electrical control panels and motors built according to the UL rules (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.)
  • Documentations supplied together with the machines translated in the language requested by the Client, pertinent use and maintenance handbooks complete with diagrams, bills of material and pertinent spare and wear and tear parts.

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