Almac s.r.l., leading company in the design and construction of machines, plants and automations for the “pasta filata” cheeses industry, thanks to the company management experience and its always sensitive to market evolution policy, represents a preferential partner for the main Italian and foreign food industries.

The interest of our company, operating in the dairy field since many years, is, since the beginning, aimed to that productive process phase included between milk coagulation until its transformation into cheese, thus manufacturing plants from the cheese vats discharge until the product packing. The type of cheese for which we can boast a long tradition (confirmed also by the prestigious marks of our Clients) is the “Pasta Filata” one (Mozzarella, Pizza Cheese, Provolone, Kasar, etc. ).

During the years we designed and developed production lines for the following cheeses processing:

  • Fresh Paste Filate with a different moisture content (e.g. buffalo’s milk mozzarella, fiordilatte and pizza cheese).
  • Cooked Paste Filate having a low moisture content and a high fibrous structure, which are peculiar features of a cheese suitable for the maturing phase (e.g. Provolone, Caciocavallo and Kasar, etc.).
  • Processed cheeses and foodstuffs, which are products destined to ready dishes dressings and fresh and frozen pizza obtained by the steam stretching technology, using, as row materials: powder casein, butter and vegetal fats, melting salts and different cheeses.

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