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FS 50/N

Moulder mod. FS50/N

The moulding machine mod. FS 50/N is designed for production of pasta-filata cheeses having high moisture content, such as:


having variable weights from 0,5 gr. to 500 gr. and up to 1200 gr with a special moulding drum. The machine can be fed either directly by a continuous cooker- stretcher or by other types of discontinuous mixing machines. Pasta filata is introduced into the hopper and by means of two counter-rotating screws it’s transported to the moulding drum. The augers chamber is surrounded by a double jacked, heated by heating elements to keep pasta temperature constant.

Construction features

  • Machine completely built in AISI 304 stainless steel and plastic materials certified for the food use.
  • Parts in contact with the cheese are coated with non-sticking material.
  • The augers chamber is equipped with water double jacket, heated by an electrical heating element.
  • Dismountable stretching water discharging filter.
  • Dough feeding augers built to be easily dismantled without using any tool.
  • Adjustable moulding drum and augers rotation speed.
  • Motorizations protected by AISI 304 stainless steel cases.
  • Motorization equipped with spacer to allow the cleaning between the motor and the moulding chamber.
  • Augers and drum motorizations with watertight oil-bath speed variator, complete with case that allows, in case of oil leakage, the discharge to the ground thus avoiding any cheese pollution.
  • Connections with bending radius built in such a way to avoid any stagnation point.
  • PT100 probe for detecting the water temperature into the double jacket
  • Watertight electrical control panel with IP 65 protection degree, built in AISI 304 stainless steel, complete with electronic devices for the processing speed adjusting and the operator’s safety control.
  • Dismantling easiness of the movable parts without using any tool and complete inspection possibility.
  • Set of safety sensors against accidents to start the machine stop up in case of guards opening


  • Possibility to mould a cheese with very high moisture content, keeping the cheese skin natural brightness and ensuring a good sealing on the cutting point.
  • Possibility to change, through a 2-positions adjustment, the machine inclination.
  • Possibility to mould also small quantities of cheese with the quick replacement of the drums.
  • Pushing made by the augers on the pasta surface is always constant and delicate, thus allowing the machine FS 50/N to be suitable both for the cow’s milk and the buffalo’s milk mozzarella production.
  • Simple controls with the possibility to check the processed quantities by means of a pieces-counter.
  • Easy disassembly by the operator of parts in contact with foodstuffs without the help of any tool for facilitating the washing and sanitation operations.


  • Automatic C.I.P. washing plant connection arrangements

Technical data

Moulder mod. FS50/N

  • Length (mm) 1030
  • Height (mm) 1800
  • Width (mm) 970
  • Feeding height (mm) 1220
  • Discharging height (mm) 690
  • Augers diameter (mm) 150
  • Weight (empty machine) (Kg) 200
  • Hourly production (Kg/h) 150 -900
  • Line tension (V) 400
  • Auxiliary circuits tension (V) 24
  • Frequency (Hz) 50
  • Installed electrical power (kW) 2.7
  • Absorbed current (A) 6.75

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  • Moulding machine FS50 Bufala

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