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Thursday, 30 August 2012

The experience of the Danish group ARLA FOODS in the Canadian plant named TRE STELLE located in Toronto with the Almac production technology.

Angelo Amara (Almac Sales Manager): Arla Foods is one of the biggest and most important groups in the Worldwide dairy field. What and how oriented your Toronto plant Managers towards investing in the Almac technology?

Bruce Smith (Arla Foods Engineering Manager): We looked at other companies to provide equipment for our cheese making process, but they were not able to meet our capacity needs with the floor space we have available. When we saw the Almac cooling tunnel with 2 levels it had the capacity and small footprint we needed. Almac provided layout drawings of our production floor showing how the whole line would fit together including downstream equipment. They have developed collaborations with other companies so integrating a scale system and conveyor into the package was easy.

What are the differences between Almac and other pasta filata cheese equipment manufacturers?

We have found the customer service to be exceptional. Almac is small enough to give personal customer service, but large enough to meet our demands half the world away.

How has Almac experience helped you?

The friendly and knowledgeable sales and support staff at Almac have brought experience and best practices from the dairy industry to us and helped Arla Canada develop plans for future growth and automation.

In your opinion, which are Almac strength points?

We have found that Almac has strong service support for the equipment it sells. Spare parts and service has been consistently reliable. Almac also has a strong knowledge of the cheese making industry and has provided sound advice for our future development plans.

In your opinion, how will Canadian fresh mozzarella market will grow? If it will grow!

We feel the Canadian fresh mozzarella market will see moderate growth in the Bocconcini (mini and pearls) over the next 12 to 18 months. The new stretcher and molder have improved our yields dramatically and we are in a much more competitive position to take on greater growth in this category.

By working every day with a complete line for the production of fresh mozzarella and pizza cheese, which ones of the machines composing Almac line is the one that really allowed you increasing and improving your performances and which one is the most innovative?

The machine that drove the most significant gains for Arla was the new stretcher for fresh cheese. Our product quality instantly improved and our yields shot up by a significant percent. This machine has made a large difference to our manufacturing process.
The machine that brought the most innovation was the 2 level cooling tunnel. This machine has the capacity we need yet the floor space is minimal. The controls and operation has been well thought out and our operators were instantly comfortable with the machine.

Trusting in a long and profitable cooperation, we thank you very much for the kind interview and we remain with our warmest regards.

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