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Fresh mozzarella moulding machine with the highest performances

Friday, 16 March 2012

mozzarella pearls - weight 1.2 gr


From the designing revision of the 6-augers moulder mod. FS200, a moulding machine with the highest performances, called FS 200/N, was born in Almac company.
The Italian company, located in Modena, decided to dedicate this machine to the big dairy industries.
In fact, the hourly output developed by this machine makes this unit absolutely the most performing one among the drum-moulders offered on the market.

The moulding machine mod. FS 200/N has been conceived for reaching productions even of the 70% higher than the output of a 4-augers machine and this thanks to the following modifications:
- Moulding drum increasing from 220 mm to 240 mm and this allows more cavities to be perforated on the circumference.
- Uniform distribution of the cavities on the moulding drum with a cutting insert piece composed by three openings.

The product typology obtainable by the 6-augers moulder mod. FS 200/N is the following one:

• PIZZA CHEESE (variable weight from 200 to 3500 gr)

having variable weights from 0,5 gr. to 1000 gr. and a high moisture content.

The machine, fed by a continuous stretcher, receives the pasta filata that, introduced into the moulder hopper, it’s transported near the moulding drum by means of the 6 counter-rotating augers, whose speed is adjusted according to the desired product weight.
During this phase, pasta temperature is kept constant thanks to a water double jacket heated by electrical heating elements and surrounding the whole machine body. The pushing action made by the augers on pasta surface is always constant and delicate, thanks to the machine body equipped with 6 counter-rotating augers that, by means of a common gear box, are operated by just one motorization. This allows the advantage to transfer a uniform speed to all the 6 augers, thus a pasta filata feeding identical on the whole moulding drum length.

Construction Features

  • The entire machine is built in AISI 304 stainless steel and special plastics for foodstuffs.
  • Furthermore, the augers seals can be easily dismantled to allow a good sanitizing to be performed either during the manual washings or during the automatic ones.
  • Parts in contact with the product are coated by non-sticking material certified for the food use and applied in more layers.
  • The augers and drum speed variators are watertight, in oil bath and independent among them. Furthermore, it’s possible to have also electronic speed variators.
  • Water-filled double jacket, heated by heating elements around the machine body, with temperature detection by means of a probe and pertinent display on the control panel by a special device.
  • Revolutions-counter for the detection of the revolutions made by the drum and following counting of the obtained production.
  • Control board in stainless steel case with IP 65 protection degree, CEE certification and, upon request, also UL rules certification.
  • Machine border with pertinent safety sensors and connecting cable of a suitable length for the client’s needs.
  • Safety mechanical protections with pertinent sensors.
  • Normally, the machine is easily washable by hand and it’s possible to equip it for the CIP automatic washing.
  • Plastic cutting insert piece with food suitability certification, strengthened and increased, with three openings, every one fed by a pair of augers.


  • Possibility to mould a very soft product, keeping the cheese skin natural brightness and ensuring a good sealing on the cutting point.
  • Blocking easiness of the drum on the cutting insert piece by means of levers, which allows a good coupling of the two pieces.
  • Innovative system of insert piece blocking, which allows its good positioning on the machine.
  • Simple controls on the electrical board with the possibility to check the processed quantities by means of a special pieces-counter.
  • Easy disassembly by the operator of parts in contact with foodstuffs without the help of any tool for facilitating the washing and sanitation operations and easy procedure of dismantling the augers seals.
  • The moulder mod. FS 200/N boasts the big advantage to have a drum replacing system even simpler than the 4-augers version, thanks to the laterally placed lever blocking.

Production capacity

As for the high productions that the moulding machine mod. FS 200/N can offer, please find herein after an indicative table showing the output of a moulding machine for a 125 gr mozzarella using a moulding drum mod. TS 200 having a cavity standard diameter of 240 mm:

Cavities (No.) - 125 GR Cheese Drum (Kg/REV.) - Drumspeed (RPM) - Output (Kg/h)

135 | 16,875 | 0,8 | 810
135 | 16,875 | 2 | 2025
135 | 16,875 | 2,5 | 2531
135 | 16,875 | 3 | 3037
135 | 16,875 | 4 | 4050

Considering the drum optimal speed ranging from 2 to 2,5 rpm, it will be possible to get very high outputs than those obtained by a 4-augers machine, quantified at about the 100% more.

Anyway, it’s necessary to feed this moulding machine in a suitable way but, comparing the same feeding stretchers, with a 6-augers machine it will be possible to work at much lower speeds than a 4-augers machine and this will allow a better cheese moulding and a more bright dough to be obtained.



This particular optional implies the equipping of an electronic inverter instead of the mechanical speed variator and a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).


  • Moulding drum and augers rotation speed exact adjusting by means of the PLC Touch Screen.
  • Rotation speed that can be displayed
  • Abolishing of all manual operations necessary for changing the augers and the drum speed
  • Possibility to process by setting the pieces number or the product kilos to be obtained, with the moulding machines that automatically stops after having produced the programmed quantity.
  • For every drum, possibility to set and record the drum and the augers rotation speed optimal parameters, thus avoiding the necessary adjusting times of a standard machine.


  • Overall dimensions | 1200 x 1990 mm
  • Height | 1700 mm
  • Feeding height | 1100 mm
  • Unloading height | 600-800 mm
  • Augers length | 385 mm
  • Augers diameter | 150 mm
  • Weight about | 300 Kg
  • Installed electrical power | 8,5 Kw
  • Hourly productivity | from 300 to 2500 Kg/h

Other images

  • six augers molder type FS200N
  • molding drum for FS200N

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